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Why coming to fly on lake Annecy ?

Annecyis one of the most famous spot to fly in the world. We call it the mecca. Any pilot in the world knows about this magic little corner of Haute Savoie ( Rhône-Alpes). Although when you talk to a pilot on the take of, most of the time, you’ll have to speak english.

The weather conditions are extremely well adapted for paragliding. The way the valleys around are organised and placed and the location in France is protecting from the main strong winds that you can find in other parts of France like south of the alps, the pyrénées. These winds you may know like « le mistral, la Bise ». The reliefs are smooth, contrary to Chamonix for example where every ridge is sharp. The valleys are wide so that the valley breeze of the afternoon is not too strong, the thermals are gentle, what make comfortable condition for a first time- passenger. Stop hesitating and dare it.

The view from the air is breathtaking. Come and see by yourself.
The col de la Forclaz is a curiosity, attracting many people, a hidden corner of mountain over a mountain lake with cristal clear blue water, doesn’it sound like a dream?

Why doing you first tandem flight at Airmax's ?

You’ll meet a real teamof friends. We are four associated instructors, who created their own way to work like they want and how they like it. We are not employees ofa paragliding school.

There is no Boss or headmaster at airmax, it is us four sharing the different tasks of organization.
The will to make things right is also going with the people welcoming you on our chalet at Col de la Forclaz, Michelle and Typhaine, of great worth and that we take care of.

Of course, the instructors, you will fly with are all professional, certified,with at least 15 years of experience.

Our team of pilots

The instructors you will trust

Our team is composed of four experienced pilots, all certifiedand insured. We put all our skills to make you fly safe, to make this moment magic and stunning. We have the chance to get the most beautiful play ground in the world, grandiose landscape and excellent in term of flying conditions.

the team that welcomes you at the col de la Forclaz and answers you on the phone

Why offering a gift voucher for a paraglisding tandem flight in Annecy ?

Nowadays, we have the chance to posess many material goods. When coming to think about a present, comes the question: « what to offer, they already got so much? ».
For Christmas, birthdays, valentine’s day, a bachelor party a holiday trip, You can offer a great and unforgettable experience, that won’t stay in a drawer. Thanks to our online payment (by credit card or cheque), order a gift card that you’ll receive on a glossy paper card by mail. The lucky person, will just have to contact us to make an appointment and come to fly like a bird.

In the « gift card » section of our website, choose a flight, pay online, we’ll send you the gift card by post mail. He will just have to contact us to make an appointment.

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