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Offer an original present :
a paragliding tandem flight over Lake Annecy
or a winter tandem flight in a ski resort

We offer our passengers the chance to pilot a paraglider on all our flights.
1 - Choose your flight, Order
2 - You will receive a glossy gift card in a gift envelope
3 - The recipient of the gift card has one year in which to make the flight..

Our gift vouchers

Give a gift voucher
for paragliding

If you'd like to share an unforgettable experience, an activity that's accessible to all and, what's more, an original gift idea... a first paragliding flight is just what you need!

Why offering a gift voucher for a paragliding tandem flight ?

Nowadays, we have the chance to possess many material goods. When coming to think about a present, comes the question : « what to offer, they already got so much ? »
For Christmas, birthdays, valentine’s day, a bachelor party a holiday trip, You can offer a great and unforgettable experience, that won’t stay in a drawer. Thanks to our online payment (by credit card or cheque), order a gift card that you’ll receive on a glossy paper card by mail. The lucky person, will just have to contact us to make an appointment and come to fly like a bird.

How to do to offer a gift voucher ?

1st - choose which flight on which site (annecy or skis resort).
2nd - Via our on line payment system, order a voucher, pay by credit card (secured).
3rd - We send you the voucher by post mail.
4th - You offer it.
5th - The lucky winner has one year to contact us to come flying.

How to use your gift voucher ?

Call us on + 33 7 82 46 16 00
Send us an e mail atairmaxparapente@gmail.comto make an appointment

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