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We are flying in Méribel and Courchevel From december until mid april

Direct phone line for Méribel and Courchevel : +33(0)7 69 85 68 38

Discover our paragliding tandem flights with take off on skis. You just have to let you glide on a couple meters and take off gently. You won’t feel any jump or edge to get off. It’s guaranteed, discover the alps covered with snow like never done.
If you don't know how to ski, you can fly anyway ! We take off on a couple meters and the instructor will have his skis aroud yours, to keep them in line, really easy for non-skiers.
Really, there is nothing frightening. You won't be scared. Let you glide on a few meters and soar over the 3 Vallées, in Méribel, Courchevel.
The instructor will be setting you up in the harness. You will glide on a couple meters, at first slowly, time inflate the paraglider, to have it coming above our heads, in flight position. Then you will pick up a bit more speed with an aim to gently take off. It is accessible even if you are a real beginner on skis.

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A paragliding tandem flight
on snow

Paragliding first flights in the 3 vallées

If you want to discover paragliding in winter, in Courchevel/ Méribel (3 vallees), the Airmax team will advise you to choose the best offer for you. The winter flights will give you new sensations, mixing gliding on snow flying in the air, over a landscape covered with snow, that’s the perfect link. If you‘d rather fly in summer conditions on Lake Annecy, check our Annecy tandem flights.

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