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Frequently asked questions - Airmax parapente annecy

Why coming to fly a paraglider above Lake Annecy with AIRMAX ?

Our crew will do anything possible to have you living a great experience and share their passion of flying. Annecy is one of the most famous spot in the world. Any pilot from anywhere knows this tiny little corner of the Alps. The view from Col de la Forclaz is breathtaking and the flying conditions are awesome, believe come and see.

Shall we talk about « jump » or « fly » a paraglider ?

It is crucial to notice that contrary to a bungee jump or a parachute jump, we are not falling into the nowhere ! A paraglider is like a sailplane soaring in the sky and what is amazing people flying with us is the feeling of being supported. You’ll have a briefing to explain you how the take off will be like. That can change a bit according to the aerological conditions. If there is no wind on the slope, you’ll have to start slowly running and then get faster to reach the take off speed. You must not sit down or stop as we are still touching the ground, we count on you until we have completely taken off. That will need about 30 meters. If there is a bit of breeze, the paraglider will inflate like a kite and eventually pull us backward, so you'll have to do a few steps backward and finally walking forward to launch. It sounds complicated but it’s not.

You’ll never feel like jumping of a cliff, it is a peaceful and graceful moment.

From the meeting a tour chalet on col de la Forclaz to the finishing of your activity, count on about 1h30.

What kind of clothes shall I wear ?

Come as if you were mountain hiking, we take of at 1250 m and fly up to 2000 m, even in summer it can be cold. Trousers or short depending the weather, a windproof jacket or a fleece. Sport shoes, running shoes, no flip-flops. Sunglasses, you can take, we have never lost any.

Can I fly if I suffer from vertigo ?

Hard to believe but there is no feeling of vertigo at all. Because we have no link with the ground. The vertigo effect is about you eyes having trouble to focus when you have many point of view between you and the ground. In flight, there is just one. The only moment where you can feel it is on the ground before launching.

From what age children can fly ?

As soon as your child is asking for it. From the age of 5, kids are really able to understand what happens, they can do comparisons with birds, planes, superman !!!

What if I suffer from travel or motion sickness ?

Very few people are dizzy or sick in flight ( 5 %) If you are very sensitive in a car, on boat, it might be better to choose a discovery flight in the morning when the conditions are very quiet, and You won’t be sick. If ever it happens on a longer or bumpier flight, tell it to your pilot so we can adapt the flight.

Is there a weight limit to do a paragliding tandem flight ?

Yes. Our equipment does not allow us to take people who weighs more than 120 kg. Children will fly in the morning in order to have nice and gentle weather conditions. Taking off requires a bit of running on a short distance.
Contact us if you want to know more about..
Below a spreadsheet of passenger's maximum weight.
Indeed, we will adapt, depending on the season, the time in the day and the kind of flight. For instance, a heavy weight needs more distance and more speed to take off , so a bit of head wind like we have every normal day around 1 PM gives an easier launching.


Is it possible to fly with a handicap ?

It's possible, depending on the handicap. Please contact us to talk about it. We don't have any adapted wheel chair.

Are the instructors of airmax certified and insured ?

Of course they are ! they have the french BEES, giving them the right to teach people how to fly and to bring people to fly on a two seater paraglider as a professionally activity. They all have an insurance covering themselves and their passengers. They all have a great experience, of solo an tandem flying, you can trust them, no daredevil in our team.

What ever if the weather doesn’t allow us to fly ?

We’ll report the flight another day, you won’t loose your money in any case.