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Gift voucher children flight

Gift voucher children flight  - Picture 1
Gift voucher children flight  - Picture
Gift voucher children flight  - Picture

Offering a children flight

The child flight is a present you can offer from 5 to 14 years old, over 14, the gift voucher is one of the adult flights.
You will make you child, you nephew happy for sure. It’s going to be something he’ll never forget.

Why from 5 years old ?

We advise you to wait the child to be 5 or 6 years old. This age can also vary depending on the context, of course if the child is asking for it, is used to see paragliders. You will make sure he will understand what will happen and what it represents.

Our pilots are also family father !

They will know how to look after your children. The purpose is not to make them scared, but to have them discovering the activity as gently as possible.

If you want to follow the recipient

You can come on the launching place to see him taking off and see them flying a few minutes. After what you will take time to walk down to the meeting place where the pilot and your child will come back after having overflown the Lake Annecy

Price : 80.00 €

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