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Gift voucher emotion flight

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Offer a flight that is giving more !

This flight includes a morning flight in smooth conditions and the discovery of aerobatic maneuvers.
You can offer it to anyone because the pilot will really adapt to his passenger.
The pilot will fly in the best spots to find thermal lifts, and then spiral to stay in the lift and gain altitude.
You will take off, then soare above trees for a while, then toward the lake that you will overfly.
The pilot will then propose you to take the control handles so that you can pilot the paraglider on your own.  When reaching the landing field at high altitude, you will enjoy a few aerobatic tricks, very gradual and gentle, always listening to you wishes.

A few second before touching the ground, he will ask you to stand up again in the harness, do a couple steps as we touch the ground. As if you were walking down stairs, recovering your weight back on your legs. An easy and funny feeling.

The one made for bachelor party

Very often, these days are full of sensations, surprises. Everybody will have a good time and will share this good moment.

Price : 95.00 €

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