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Annecy paragliding tandem – prestige flight

Annecy paragliding tandem – prestige flight - Picture 1

What is the prestige flight

45minutes of flight, pure craziness, thanks to thermal lifts, soar up to the summits of the mountains around, and enjoy the beauty of Lake Annecy from very high. We can even do the « tour du lac » and cross the lake twice, without any drop of kerosene!! If you are lucky, you’ll see the wild mountain goats, « les bouquetins » that live on la Tournette, the biggest mountain around the lake( 2350m).
La crème de la crème, for the pilot and his passenger.
We need good weather condition to achieve this flight. It will be planned in the middle of the afternoon.

Who is it for ?

This flight that lasts 45 minutes is for anyone wanting a longer time in the sky. Even for a first flight it can be a good choice. These 45 minutes will allow you to really feel how it is to be a bird, to fly higher, further.

How will the flight happen ?

You will be told to come 30 minutes before we leave to our chalet at col de la Forclaz ( about 30 minutes drive from Annecy)(town of Montmin 74210) above Lake Annecy. We’ll drive you to the take off thanks to our shuttle. After walking two minutes, you’ll reach the green carpet that’s on the take off. Check our photo and video gallery to see how it is.
It is important to notice that contrary to parachute, we are not jumping of anything; a paraglider works more like a plane that we’ll take off with you on a gentle slope. You won’t have that feeling of standing on a cliff and have to jump of a step down.
A briefing will be done by the pilot to tell you what you’ll have to do. That can change depending on the wind conditions. No worries, there is nothing difficult.

After having you connected to the paraglider, in a very comfortable harness, in front on him, the instructor will ask you to walk forward, you will feel a resistance in your back, it is the wing that starts to inflate. A couple of seconds later, you feel yourself becoming lighter. He will then ask you to run on a couple more meters sot ha we have a bit more speed and you’ll be gently lifted off the ground. You’ll never have the feeling of jumping or falling down. The take off is a great feeling of lightness. Then just have to enjoy the rest of the flight !
At the beginning of the flight, we have to gain altitude to be able to fly further. That can take a couple minutes to reach 1500 or 2000 meters. Afterward, we’ll fly toward other mountains, like le Lanfonnet, les dents de Lanfon or la Tournette. Before crossing the lake over Talloires’s bay, to achieve the classic « tour du lac ».
The instructor will then propose you to take the control handles so that you can pilot the paraglider on your own.
A few second before touching the ground, he will ask you to stand up again in the harness, do a couple steps as we touch the ground. As if you were walking down stairs, recovering your weight back on your legs. An easy and funny feeling.
Count on about 1h30 until we have it all finished and you leave from the chalet.

To note : people suffering from motion sickness can feel it during a thermal flight because it moves a bit.. If you know you can be sick, we advise you to choose a discovery flight where the air conditions will be quiet so that you won't be nauseous.

We provide you the lift back up to the meeting point after flying with our mini van and our driver.

Your flights are fully refunded, or postponed (your choice), if the weather does not allow us to fly or if you cancel at least 48 hours before the flight.

Price : 150.00 €
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