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Baptême parapente
Courchevel - Vol Prestige

Baptême parapente<br />Courchevel - Vol Prestige - Picture 1

Numéro direct pour réservation  :  vincent au : 07-69-85-68-38

Discover the pleasure of amazing sensations of paragliding with our tandem flights in Courchevel (73), in the heart of the 3 Vallées.

This flight is for everyone, from the age of 5  to 80 or more, and it can be done at anytime throughout the day, for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes, depending on meteorological conditions; the total height difference is about 1000 meters.

The instructor will give you all the necessary informations about the take off and the flight, then, you’ll be fastened with the equipment.

On the take off, from a flat platform, you’ll just have to let yourself glide on about 10 meters before flying away gently. You won’t feel any jump into the void, no fear, no vertigo, it’s guaranteed, only an amazing relaxing sensation yet exhilarating.

From La Saulire, we’ll take off in front of Courchevel 1850 and the Mont Blanc to soar over all Courchevel’s ski resorts and to land down Olympic ski jumping hills 1400 meters lower?

It’s the biggest flight in Courchevel.

You could take control of the brakes and steer the paraglider if you wish and if conditions permit.

The landing is always smooth, sliding over a few meters.

People accompanying you can either see the take off or the landing to capture the moment.
An extra of 20 to 30 pictures and about 3 or 4 videos can also be filmed by your pilot (optional)
Price : 150.00 €
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